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Action for Better Access for Canoes and Kayaks
on  Rivers and Canals in England and Wales.

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Links to Canoeing Organisations

The table below gives a list of the main canoeing organisations in the UK.



BCU (British Canoe Union) UK Canoeing National Body.
C.A.N.I.(Canoe Association of Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Section of the BCU.
Canoe England English Section of the BCU.
Open Canoe Association Primarily for canadian canoeists. Affiliated to the BCU.
S.C.A. (Canoe Scotland) Scottish Section of the BCU.
W.C.A. (Cymdeithas Ganwa Cymru) Welsh Section of the BCU.

 If your would like your organisation to be added to the above table, please contact the webmaster.

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