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Action for Better Access for Canoes and Kayaks
on  Rivers and Canals in England and Wales.


ABACK is not part of the British Canoe Union, but has been set up primarily to help the BCU with its campaign for improved river access. To this end, ABACK† has created a petition on the Prime Ministerís Office website. This petition calls for legislation to give canoeists and all other users of un-powered craft the free right to navigate all rivers and canals in England and Wales. To view the petition, please click the petition icon.

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The petition closed on 3rd January 2008, with a total of  7,818 signatures. Thanks to all those who signed.

Argument for Better Access  ABACK endorses only responsible canoeing, so  does not promote or encourage any unrestricted canoeing that would cause any excessive disturbance to anglers. It therefore does not ask that this legislation should include the right to conduct organised canoe sporting events, or allow canoe touring in large groups. Such events should be a matter for negotiation with the riparian owners.
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